All On 4 Dental Implants Antalya

All On 4 Dental Implants Antalya


All on 4 dental implants are an innovative, effective and successful dentistry technique used by individuals who have to use dentures due to lack of teeth and experience the problems associated with the use of dentures, and who are disturbed by the non-aesthetic appearance caused by missing teeth. All 4 dental implants are applied to our local and global patients in our dental clinic in Antalya with a high success rate in comfortable clinical standards.

All-on-dental implant technique provides many important advantages and benefits to the individual. Thanks to this method, which is applied by fixing four implants to the chin, a natural-looking, durable, balanced, and permanent treatment is provided. The individual will have the functionality and beautiful appearance provided by natural teeth. All on 4 dental implants is an effective, successful, and aesthetic dentistry treatment that many international patients from Antalya and Turkey, together with, apply to our clinic.

All On 4 Dental Implants Turkey

All on 4 dental implants are performed with a very high success rate thanks to the technique and technology applied in Turkey. It is an understandable choice for many international patients to choose Turkey for the treatment of missing teeth, as the prices of dental implants in Turkey are also extremely attractive and relatively advantageous to many European countries. By accessing the communication tab of our website, you can contact our clinic and find answers to your questions about missing tooth treatment.

Teeth can be lost over time due to various factors. Missing teeth cause loss of functions such as eating, chewing, and speaking. However, the non-aesthetic appearance due to tooth loss affects the individual negatively in many respects, especially psychological factors. All on 4 dental implants applied in our Antalya dental clinic ensure that the negative effects caused by missing teeth are eliminated with a high success rate.

There are many legitimate reasons why many patients from many different countries, especially from Europe, prefer Turkey for oral and dental treatment and Antalya in particular. The first of these is the high success achieved in dentistry, while the other is extremely advantageous prices. You can apply to our clinic for All on 4 dental implants and experience a high percentage of treatment experience in optimum clinical conditions for advantageous prices.

All On 4 Dental Implant Procedure

A consultation is made in our dental clinic in order to determine whether the relevant individual is suitable for all on 4 dental implant treatments and whether there is any health problem that prevents the application of the technique. A detailed result is then obtained by performing a CBCT scan to examine the individual's facial structure. Dentist Özgür Yıldırım thoroughly examines the patient's jaw and jawbone and determines what kind of procedure should be followed.

All on 4 implant procedure, which consists of two parts, a surgical procedure, and dental prosthesis application, is completed by applying local anesthesia without any pain or ache. If the patient has very serious anxiety and fear, sedation or general anesthesia can also be applied.

After the dental implants are placed, it is expected to heal with the controls. There is no serious pain during the healing process, however, there may be severe pain in some cases. In this case, pain relief is provided by using painkillers.

It is natural to experience a small amount of bleeding after the implant application with the All on 4 technique. Bleeding usually subsides within 1 – 2 days. It is normal for swelling to occur in the operation area for 2-3 days. Dentist Özgür Yıldırım can prescribe medication to keep the swelling under control and reduce it. In some cases, it is a natural result that darkening, yellowing, etc. changes in color are observed in the operation area. Such changes heal in a short time.

Complete healing is achieved by the completion of new bone formation around the implants placed in the jaw. This period is usually 3 – 6 months. In order not to prolong the full recovery period and to avoid various problems in this process, a different nutrition program is applied upon the recommendation of the dentist. The main purpose of temporarily changing the eating habits is to prevent the application of excessive force to the newly placed implants in the jaw.

What Is The Success Rate Of All On 4 Dental Implants?

Although the success rate of missing tooth treatment with the All on 4 dental implant technique is negatively affected by factors such as whether the individual has periodonal disease, general health status, smoking, etc., it is a very high rate of 97% in accordance with published studies. Another important factor affecting the success rate is the dentist performing the treatment. All on 4 dental implant treatment, applied in optimum clinical conditions and by an experienced dentist, provides a success of over 97%.

In order to get successful results in the All on 4 technique, it is necessary to be careful and attentive in choosing a dentist. Because, applying to a dentist who is not experienced in the all on 4 technique, which is a new dental practice, and being treated in a clinic with inadequate clinical conditions and equipment, may cause the expected success in the treatment of missing teeth with the all on 4 technique to not be achieved. For this reason, it would be the best approach to be treated in a qualified clinic where a competent dentist provides service.

All On 4 Dental Implants Benefits

All on 4 dental implants are the most ideal option for individuals who use dentures due to multiple missing teeth, but who need a successful and effective treatment that can be used much more comfortably than dentures. Because all on 4 is an effective treatment that functions like a complete and natural set of teeth, adapt quickly, and offers a high percentage of success. All on 4, which provides a beautiful smile thanks to its aesthetic appearance, provides a serious increase in the life standard and quality of life of the individual.

  • New and fully functional teeth in a short time.
  • Perfect and aesthetic smile.
  • Increase in quality of life.
  • Confidence.
  • More successful social relationships.
  • Stop osteoporosis.
  • More advantageous prices compared to the traditional implant technique.
  • A short recovery period after treatment.
  • 97% success rate.

The Advantages of All On 4

It allows fixed dental prosthesis to be made on the same day with a single surgical application in cases of total edentulism.

It does not require further surgical interventions such as bone addition, sinus elevation application, etc.

It can be planned according to the interest.

Cleaning and maintenance is easier and more practical than conventional fixed dental prostheses.

It is ideal for people who cannot use removable dentures due to problems such as nausea reflex.

The number of sessions is less.

Implants placed at an angle to the posterior part of the jawbone ensure that anatomical formations are not damaged.

It does not require bone grafting.

Since a small number of implants are used, it is more economical than the classical method.

It offers a fairly high success rate.

It provides recovery in a short time.

It prevents advanced bone loss.

It improves speech and chewing functions.

It offers an appearance where aesthetic expectations will be fully met.

All On 4 Dental Implant Prices Antalya

All on 4 dental implant prices vary according to Antalya dental clinics. Because the opportunities offered by each dental clinic to their patients are different. On the other hand, the experience, expertise, and success of the dentist who will perform the treatment also directly affect the prices. When the dental implant prices in Turkey and especially in Antalya are compared with European countries, Antalya is among the most ideal locations thanks to the advantages it offers in both success and prices.

All on 4 dental implants, which are applied with a high percentage of success in our dental clinic serving in Antalya, attract a great deal of attention at the local and global level, the technique is applied with a very high success rate and offered with extremely attractive price advantages. Our clinic, which offers optimum conditions for our patients, our expert staff, advanced technology imaging and medical solutions, and our unconditional satisfaction-oriented service approach are among the main reasons why many international patients prefer us.

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How Long do All-on-4 Implants Last?

All-on-4 implants are designed to be a permanent solution. With proper care, your implants can last 20 years or more.