Sometimes the treatment you need is just a flight away.

Travelling to access the best medical treatment is no longer a phenomenon. Millions of people travel abroad every year to receive healthcare, and Turkey is one of the most preferred countries in health tourism.

Highly qualified medical staff, world-class technological and medical equipment, fast and effective health care services with affordable prices are some of the main reasons why patients from many countries across the world visit Turkey to receive health treatment. Dentistry in Turkey specifically is one of the most preferred clinical branches by international patients.

At Özgür Yıldırım Aesthetic Dentistry we pride ourselves on our excellent level of service and our attention to detail. We maintain strict guidelines and protocols to make sure everything is performed to its highest standards. Whilst we take care of your dental health, you can indulge yourself in harmony of the sea, sun, history and nature.

Antalya is one of the most visited cities in the world and of course there are dozens of reasons for this. Those who love the sea, sand and sun and those who want to get lost in nature can find dozens of options in Antalya with the 640-kilometer coastline stretching from west to east on the Mediterranean coast, the Toros Mountains surrounding the city parallel to the coast. Ancient cities, the sea, forest ... all are parts of this integrity. (GoTurkiye, n.d.)

According to National Geographic Magazines global editors Antalya is among the planet's 25 most exciting destinations for 2022. (National Geographic, November 2021)

If you would like to arrange your own holiday, just let us know which dates you would like to see your dentist. Alternatively you can ask us to arrange the holiday for you. We have business partnership with authorized Health Tourism Travel Agencies. They are experts in giving you an affordable and hassle-free travel services like booking flights, making reservations for your hotel and your airport transfers.

It's no wonder that you worry about hidden costs when you are thinking about having a dental treatment abroad. Here at Özgür Yıldırım Aesthetic Dentistry we make sure that you know what your treatment is going to cost you and how many visits it will require. We agree all this with you before your visit.

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