Touch the majestic mountains, golden sands meeting the turquoise sea, curving streams which are cold like ice even in hot weather!

Köprülü Canyon National Park

This natural area was designated and declared as a National Park in 1973. Originating from the Toros Mountains and passing through natural wonder canyons, Köprüçay creates one of the most beautiful natural recreation areas in Türkiye. Köprülü Canyon National Park offers many activity options to its visitors thanks to its natural, historical and cultural richness such as canoeing, canyoning (canyon crossing), trekking, rock climbing, orienteering, cycling, especially rafting, as well as botanical-wildlife observing, camping, photography, picnic, jeep safari.


Kekova is an increasingly popular island in recent years. In this environment, the ruins on the northwest coast of the island, which is today called the Sunken City are the most colorful spots of Kekova.


Kaputaş Beach is a pocket beach located at the mouth of a canyon that reaches the sea. The white sandy beach and the sea which looks dark blue offshore, blue as you approach, turquoise on the shore is almost fascinating.

Kaş Bays

Kaş is a small town located in the west of Antalya, with songs written on its name, preferred for relaxing as much as having fun, attracting you with its narrow streets and friendly people, deserving to be described with the word “cute” and loved by almost everybody.


Çıralı Beach in Kemer district combines a perfect sandy beach and historical depth. At the south end of the beach, the ancient city of Olympos and Yanartaş (Chimera) are in the northwest. The beach rises with a gentle slope from the sea, bordered by cliffs at both ends which consists of fine-grained sand. At the south end of the beach, the fresh and cold waters of the creek passing through the ancient city of Olympos join the salty and warm sea.