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Dr. Özgür Yıldırım qualified from Ege University Faculty of Dentistry in 2001. He has been running his own private dental clinic since 2003. He has a keen interest in aesthetic dentistry, and he transforms smiles using the latest technology. His practice includes all aspects of adult general dentistry and he specializes in cosmetic dentistry including aesthetic smile design, dental implants, crowns, bondings, veneers and teeth whitening. As the OPL (opinion leader) of two international dental companies, he gives lectures in symposiums, provides professional training, and private courses to dentists. He also keeps up to date with new treatment techniques by regularly attending courses. Özgür Yıldırım is a member of ADAA (Aesthetic Dentistry Academy Association) and TDB (Turkish Dental Association).

Located in the heart of Antalya, we pride ourselves on our excellent level of service and our attention to detail. Our exemplary staff will ensure you get the very best dental care available. We want our customers to feel a personal warmth and comfort from the clinic as a whole and that they are being given a personal experience they would value. We hope our customers feel at home, cared for, and looked after in an environment they find relaxing. We maintain strict guidelines and protocols to make sure everything is performed to its highest standards. We sincerely hope that you find Özgür Yıldırım Aesthetic Dentistry to be the best place for your complete dental care and look forward to maintaining your oral health to its highest level.

Özgür Yıldırım Aesthetic Dentistry is entitled to operate in the field of International Health Tourism within the scope of the Regulation on International Health Tourism and Tourist's Health, in accordance with the Requirements for International Health Tourism Health Facility and the general principles of the Regulation.

Sometimes The Treatment You Need Is Just A Flight Away.
Travelling to access the best medical treatment is no longer a phenomenon.

Millions of people travel abroad every year to receive healthcare, and Turkey is one of the most preferred countries in health tourism. Highly qualified medical staff, world-class technological and medical equipment, fast and effective health care services with affordable prices are some of the main reasons why patients from many countries across the world visit Turkey to receive health treatment.

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Dental Clinic In Antalya | Dentist Özgür Yıldırım

Dentist Özgür Yıldırım is practicing at Özgür Yıldırım's Clinic in Antalya. The dentist has expertise in the oral cavity and surrounding tissues, consisting of the mouth, teeth, and lips. It serves to protect the health of the teeth, gums, and mouth and jaw tissues directly related to the health of the individual. Protecting the health of teeth and gums, and their diseases and is responsible for diagnosing the irregularities and applying for the most accurate treatment program.

Clinical Units

Dentistry is a very comprehensive profession as it is responsible for maintaining the health of the oral cavity and surrounding tissues consisting of the mouth, teeth, and lips, and diagnosing and treating diseases. Therefore, it is divided into several clinical units. To briefly express these clinical units;


It is the clinical unit that examines the symptoms, diagnosis, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases in the mouth, teeth, and surrounding tissues.


It is the clinical unit that examines the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and formations such as cysts and tumors in the mouth, teeth and surrounding tissues, jaw joint problems, and conditions that require surgical intervention in the mouth.


It is the clinical unit that examines the problems that are the result of speech, function, and poor appearance caused by the losses in the tooth array or soft tissues in the mouth and the treatment of these problems using the prosthesis.


It is the clinical unit that examines the treatment of material loss in teeth due to fractures, caries, and similar reasons and the protection of teeth from caries.


It is a clinical unit that examines the diagnosis and treatment of diseases seen in cementum, periodontal ligament, alveolar bone, and gingival structures.


It is the clinical unit that examines the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the dental pulp.

Dentist Özgür Yıldırım

Dentist Özgür Yıldırım provides dental services with his expert dental team at Özgür Yıldırım Oral and Dental Health Center. The dental clinic where all the specialties of dentistry are available; performs the best treatments in oral and dental health with the help of the latest technology devices. It has the rightful happiness of being the first clinic that comes to mind when it comes to clinic in Antalya and continues to serve with the principle of unconditional patient satisfaction.

Our Treatments


  • Hollywood Smile
  • Smile Design / Smile Aesthetics
  • Tooth Bleaching
  • Lamina Dental Veneer
  • Zirconium Veneer
  • Porcelain veneer
  • Lumineers Veneer
  • Emax Veneer
  • Aesthetic Tooth Filling
  • Inley Filling
  • Onley Filling
  • Bonding Application


  • Implant Treatment
  • Bridge
  • Dental Plate
  • Fixed Prosthesis
  • Snap Prosthesis
  • Full Mouth-Teeth


  • Single Tooth Implant Treatment
  • Full Mouth Implant Treatment
  • Multiple Dental Implant Treatment
  • Implant in 1 Day
  • All on Four
  • All on Six


  • Dental Check
  • Crown
  • Filling
  • Root Canal Operation
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Impact Tooth Extraction
  • Tooth Fracture Treatment


  • Teeth Cleaning / Tartar Treatment


  • Digital Dentistry | CEREC / Cad Cam
  • Needle-Free Anesthesia Application
  • Sedation and General Anesthesia
  • Rubber Dum Application

Teeth Bleaching

Teeth whitening service is needed to look aesthetically beautiful, to have permanent, natural, and pearly white teeth, and to smile beautifully. The polishing and cleaning of the pores in the tooth enamel using whitening gels, laser technologies, and blue light are called teeth whitening. Applying to a specialist dentist for teeth bleaching is the best approach to having healthy and white teeth. This process applies to every individual who has completed the age of 18.

Scientific research shows that teeth bleaching is harmless. Therefore, anyone can apply for a teeth bleaching service for whiter teeth without any worries. Teeth bleaching can be applied to anyone who does not have dental health. There are many reasons for yellowing teeth. The nutrients fill the gaps in the tooth structure, causing the teeth to change color over time. The main factors that cause the yellowing of teeth are:

  • Smoking,
  • Food and Drinks,
  • Sauces,
  • Tetracycline group antibiotics,
  • Aging.

Smile Design | Aesthetic Dentistry

Smile design (Hollywood smile) is one of the aesthetic dental treatments. It is possible to achieve the most ideal smile with the smile design realized by using aesthetics and dentistry together and taking into account the patient's demands. Smile design is among the aesthetic dental solutions that allow you to have a visually more beautiful smile with straight and white teeth. The main purpose of this treatment is to provide the best smile by taking into account the patient's face shape, skin color, alignment of the teeth, gender, age, lips, and mouth structure.

Each individual's smile design needs are different. Therefore, the procedures to be applied in smile design also vary for each individual. The procedures used in smile aesthetics according to the wishes and needs of the individual are as follows:

  • Zirconium veneer,
  • Porcelain veneer,
  • Laminate veneer,
  • Gingivectomy for gingival aesthetics,
  • Laser teeth bleaching,
  • Weighing or curettage,
  • Gum aesthetics,
  • Braces treatment,
  • Implant and prosthesis applications,
  • Channel and filling applications,
  • Lip, facial area, and chin shaping.


Maintaining the health of natural teeth and keeping them in the mouth is the main goal of oral and dental health. However, even in the loss of a single tooth, the natural appearance and natural balance will be disrupted, and the loss of other teeth also accelerates. On the other hand, it is known that tooth loss brings different health problems in the long term. Therefore, the necessary intervention and treatment should be applied without delay. Dental implants are one of the treatment methods that provide the closest result to natural teeth.

Prosthetic Dentistry

Prostheses are artificial products that are capable of performing functions such as organs or tissues in the individual's body. A prosthetic tooth is an artificial tooth that is attached to the patient instead of one or more teeth that are lost, missing, or extracted, enables the patient to regain speech and chewing functions, and ensures the protection of healthy teeth by spreading the pressure experienced in chewing to all teeth in the mouth. Prosthetic teeth are divided into two as fixed dentures and removable dentures.

Fixed prostheses, bridges, and crowns; removable dentures, on the other hand, are examined under three headings as partial dentures, temporary dentures, and overdentures. A dental prosthesis that cannot be removed and fitted by the patient is called a fixed prosthesis. Another disadvantage of fixed prostheses, which have difficult cleaning in hard-to-reach teeth, is that there is no additional possibility if one of the support teeth is extracted. The main advantages of fixed prosthesis application are as follows:

  • It takes as much space as the volume of the main tooth to be replaced,
  • It has easy and practical use,
  • It has an aesthetic stance.

The removable prosthesis is a type of prosthesis that gives an aesthetic and natural tooth appearance, is applied when the number of teeth cannot be completed using a fixed prosthesis, is preferred due to its reasonable prices, and can be easily removed and fitted by the patient. Thanks to the removable prosthesis application, the patient gets rid of oral and dental problems and regains his health. The removable prosthesis can be applied in the following patients:

  • People who have lost all their teeth,
  • In people with partial missing teeth,
  • In people who have structure, shape, and position disorders in their teeth,
  • In people who need aesthetic smile design,
  • On teeth that are worn as a result of use depending on time.

Antalya Dentist

Antalya dentist Özgür Yıldırım offers all dental treatments, especially implant treatment, aesthetic smile design, root canal treatment, teeth whitening, removable prostheses and veneers, with a high success rate and attractive price advantage in the dental health center, which is fully equipped with sterile and state-of-the-art medical devices. It serves all local and global patients with successful, sustainable and permanent treatments at the new-generation, modern and corporate oral and dental health center in Antalya.

Özgür Yıldırım Clinic, which offers oral and dental health solutions with its experienced, qualified, professional and friendly team, provides treatment services in sterile and complete clinical conditions so that all patients who apply for dental treatments have a unique experience. For all our international patients, we offer special airport pick-up, transfer service, professional and successful dentistry solutions, advantageous prices, and consultancy services not only during the treatment but also after the treatment. You can visit our website and contact our clinic to benefit from sustainable and successful dental treatments that are suitable for long-term use with attractive price advantages.

Antalya Dental Clinic

Many features and advantages that distinguish our dental health center, which fully responds to the needs of Antalya dental clinic for national and international patients, make it possible for you to have a unique experience in your oral and dental health treatments. In addition to complying with indoor and outdoor regulations and standards, our clinic offers a comfortable treatment process with European standards and a special design focused on patient comfort. The treatment of our patients who apply to our clinic is carried out meticulously in our fully equipped clinic.

Our professional translators for foreign languages are among the main reasons why we, as Antalya dental clinic, are the first choice of many international patients. Our 3D Dental Tomography and Panoramic devices, medical and imaging technologies, fully equipped and sterile clinical conditions are just some of the features that make our dental health center privileged and different from its alternatives. With our professional and beautiful team, we keep patient satisfaction, comfort and safety at the highest level.