Composite Bonding (Veneers) Antalya

Composite Bonding (Veneers) Antalya


Antalya composite laminate or bonding is among the main treatment options used in aesthetic dentistry. Composite laminate is called in practice in many different ways, including composite bonding, composite veneer, composite filling, composite laminate, composite tooth and laminated tooth. Composite laminate treatment is an aesthetic and cosmetic application used to change the color and shape of the teeth, to enlarge them or to remove the aesthetic defects in the teeth without causing any harm to the dental health and structure.

As a result of aesthetic and cosmetic restorations applied according to the needs of the tooth, a new and eye-catching appearance is given to the teeth. During the process, composite material is used on the teeth and takes its name from this material. Having a mouth and teeth structure that meets aesthetic concerns; It contributes positively to the individual's mood, self-confidence and communication power. For this reason, it is extremely important to have a healthy mouth and teeth, as well as a mouth and teeth structure that meets aesthetic and cosmetic expectations, in terms of physical and mental health.

What Is Bonding?

Bonding is the process of bonding a material to a tooth. Classic and standard composite materials are materials that appear dull and dark in the face of light and therefore have difficulty meeting aesthetic expectations. However, as a result of the rapid development of aesthetic dentistry technologies, materials and materials used in aesthetic dentistry applications have also developed and bonding materials that can imitate the naturalness of tooth enamel very successfully have begun to be used.

To Whom Can Composite Laminate / Bonding Be Applied?

Antalya composite laminate / bonding process, which is one of the aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry solutions, finds application in the following situations:

  • Closing the tooth gaps in diastema (split teeth) problems (Individuals with split teeth can achieve the removal of tooth gaps in a short time without having their teeth cut and crowned, thanks to the composite laminate application),

  • For the purpose of restoring the aesthetically defective teeth (broken, deformed) formed due to aging to their previous form,

  • Individuals who apply for teeth whitening to lighten the color, but whose teeth are not brightened enough,

  • In case of caries or large fillings in the front teeth,

  • In order for the crooked teeth, which do not necessarily require orthodontic treatment, to gain a beautiful form,

  • For smile design (to return from negative smile line to positive smile line),

  • To resolve complaints about tooth shape.

Will There Be A Color Change In The Teeth With Composite Laminate / Bonding?

The materials and materials used for dentistry treatments and applications are durable, healthy and qualified materials developed as a result of the rapid development of medical medicine technology. Since the materials applied in the composite laminate application are materials with the mentioned qualities, they show similar properties with the natural tooth structure. In this respect, the more color change the natural teeth experience, the more color change to be observed in the laminates will be at the same rate.

In the teeth subject to composite laminate application, if the surface roughness is removed and polished well, the color change will be extremely limited. In addition, color changes as a result of external factors due to factors such as tea, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol can be removed by making an intervention later.

Is Composite Laminate Durable?

Antalya composite laminates are suitable for long-term use if attention is paid to oral and dental hygiene. However, behaviors such as frequent consumption of very hard and shelled nuts, biting or breaking hard objects with teeth, and biting nails will shorten the life of composite laminate.

Composite Laminate Application Time And Prices

Composite laminate application, which is a very practical and painless procedure, is usually completed in a single session (30 - 60 minutes). Composite laminate prices, when compared to alternative applications; It is a more economical treatment especially than zirconium or porcelain laminated tooth veneer.

Composite Bonding Antalya

Bonding is an attractive, affordable, comfortable and short-term procedure among aesthetic dentistry treatments. Composite bonding, which can be performed at a much more economical cost compared to other dental aesthetic operations, is based on a practical and short-term procedure that can be performed without causing any damage to the natural tooth structure.

Composite bonding is an economical dental procedure that can be successfully applied in Antalya dental clinics. Especially considering the dental clinics in Europe, choosing Antalya for composite bonding would be a very accurate and accurate approach. You can use the communication tools on our website to get information about the cost and procedure about composite bonding.

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In Which Situations Is Composite Bonding Used?

Composite bonding is applied to correct the teeth that are structurally distorted, broken, discolored or repositioned due to aesthetic concerns.

What are the Advantages of Composite Bonding?

Although the composite bonding application has many advantages, the main advantages are as follows: It is an aesthetic application. It is a short-term procedure that is usually completed in a single session. It is easy to maintain, repair and renew. It is cheaper compared to porcelain veneers.

How Long Does Composite Bonding Take And Is It Painful?

There is no pain or ache in composite bonding, where no abrasion is applied to the teeth. Although the application time varies according to the treatment method, material quality and the success of the dentist, it is usually 30-60 minutes.

How to Care After Composite Bonding?

After the composite bonding application, colored food and beverages should not be consumed, especially in the first 48 hours. Otherwise, undesirable conditions such as staining and discoloration may develop. It is important to avoid the consumption of tea, coffee and cigarettes so that the material used in the application does not change color. Finally, dentist control should not be interrupted.