All On 4 Dental Implants Turkey

All On 4 Dental Implants Turkey


Oral and dental health has an undeniable effect on the quality of life as well as directly affecting the general body health of individuals. The fact that dental and oral health is highly effective on individual body health and quality of life has caused it to play a decisive role in dentistry treatments and dentists' prosthetic planning. In this direction, treatments and applications that prioritize and increase patient comfort and satisfaction are more popular.

Teeth can be damaged due to external factors or genetic factors. Damaged or lost teeth cause the individual to not be able to fully perform chewing, tasting and speaking functions, and in this process, problems such as pain and suffering, as well as non-aesthetic appearances are experienced. Although many of the dentistry treatments and applications respond to missing tooth treatment, implant application stands out as the method that gives the healthiest and most successful results.

Implant treatment attracts attention as a long-term and costly treatment method in cases of total edentulism or in individuals who are in danger of losing all of their teeth in the near future. In this respect, the all on 4 implant technique, which is a shorter and less costly treatment technique, comes to the fore. All on four implant technique is an effective and fast method used in individuals who have problems with total edentulism, in order to eliminate the conditions that require advanced surgical procedures due to sinus lift, bone augmentation and bone deficiency.

All on 4 application is an implantation technique in which a fixed full chin prosthetic restoration is made on 4 – 6 implants in the same day of a surgical operation. In this technique, there is a high level of patient satisfaction on the functions that affect oral and dental health such as speech, chewing, taste, and the points that affect quality of life such as aesthetics and self-confidence. For this reason, especially in recent years, all on four implant technique is used in cases of total edentulism.

How Is All On 4 Implant Made?

Teeth directly affect many functions such as speaking, chewing and tasting. Therefore, the lack of teeth causes the functions in question not to be fulfilled properly and the quality of life of the individual decreases. Another negative effect of missing teeth is the rapid weakening of the jawbone. Finally, problems such as the removal of the mouth and teeth from aesthetic appearance and loss of self-confidence are other negative effects of tooth deficiency.

In cases of total edentulism or in individuals who are in danger of losing all of their teeth in the short term, applying implant treatment for all teeth for the treatment of complete edentulism is not a preferred practice due to both the cost and the length of the treatment process. Instead, all on 4 implant application, which can be applied in a much shorter time and has a very reasonable cost, draws attention as an effective and successful method in cases of total edentulism.

All on 4 treatment is a procedure where there is no separate implant placement for all teeth, as in the classical implant application. In this procedure, instead of placing implants for all teeth one by one, implants are placed at four different points of the jawbone. Thanks to these four implants placed in the jawbone, the prosthetic teeth to be attached to the implant roots are fixed. Two of the All on 4 implant roots are positioned at the front and the other two at the back.

It is possible to get very successful results in a short time with the all on 4 implant method applied in Özgür Yıldırım Clinic in Antalya. All on 4 dental implants are applied with a treatment plan determined as a result of careful evaluation of local and global patients who apply to our clinic.

The treatment plan is prepared for each patient. However, to make a general explanation about how all on 4 implants are applied;

  • As in classical dentistry practices, a dentist examination is performed first. In the examination, whether the patient is suitable for the all on 4 technique is evaluated together with the radiological imaging of the mouth and jaw structure.

  • If the patient is not completely edentulous, if he has few teeth yet, the existing teeth are removed before proceeding to the all on 4 application. Since the teeth will be removed under local anesthesia, it does not cause pain or ache to the patient.

  • If the extracted teeth are compatible with the location of the roots to be placed for all on 4 implant application, the implants can be placed without wasting time.

  • Prosthetic teeth, which are specially prepared according to the patient's tooth dimensions, are placed after the implant application. In this respect, the all on 4 implant technique is extremely practical and easy to apply.

  • If the implant was not placed during the extraction of the teeth, it is necessary to wait up to three months before moving on to the prostheses. This process is passed with a temporary prosthesis to be applied to the patient.

In order to achieve the expected success of the All-on-four implant procedure, getting help from an experienced dentist and a qualified dental clinic will be the best approach for the process to be positive and to achieve sustainable results.

The Advantages Of All On 4 Implant Technique

All on 4 implant technique differs from conventional dental treatments and traditional implant applications with its important features and advantages in many points. The main features and advantages that make All on 4 implant application different from alternative dentistry applications are as follows:

  • It allows fixed dental prosthesis to be made on the same day and with a single surgical intervention in cases of total edentulism.
  • Some patients cannot be implanted due to advanced bone resorption. In such cases, thanks to 4 implants placed in the anterior region, it allows the use of fixed and aesthetic porcelain teeth.
  • It is a short-term process.
  • Being patient-specific, it offers an appearance that responds to aesthetic expectations.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Some individuals develop a nausea reflex due to the use of removable prostheses. Ideal for individuals who develop a nauseous reflex.
  • It also differs from full dental prostheses (palatal prostheses) in terms of design. It does not cover the palate of the individual, so it is very easy to get used to and to use.
  • Although it varies according to the patient's condition, characteristics, conditions and needs, both the implant and the temporary prosthesis are placed on the same day.
  • There are no problems such as burning, stinging, hitting, etc. that many individuals using removable prosthesis complain about.
  • The number of sessions applied in the treatment is small. In this way, it is an ideal technique especially for individuals who do not have the opportunity in terms of time.
  • Finally, patients who receive implant treatment with the all on 4 technique experience great comfort in terms of clinical control and treatment.

All On 4 Implant Prices

When it comes to missing tooth treatment, all on 4 implant treatment is the first method that comes to mind with its sustainable success and effective results. After learning what all on 4 implant application is, how it is applied, etc., patients wonder about all on 4 implant prices. This procedure, which has the most affordable prices among implant procedures, is offered with very attractive price advantages, especially considering the price policy applied in European countries, the cost of dental implants in Turkey.

All on 4 implant prices in Turkey become clear only with a dental examination. Although it is possible to express a general amount regarding prices, this would not be the right approach. Because there are many factors that affect the price of implant application. For example, the expertise and experience of the dentist who will apply the technique, the conditions of the clinic, the special conditions of the patient, etc. many factors directly affect the prices of dental implants in Turkey.

All on 4 implant treatment, which is one of the most preferred dentistry applications, is applied in different ways according to the needs of the patient applying for treatment. Pricing is decided by considering factors such as the patient's missing teeth, problems in tooth structure, and the structure of the jawbone. You can visit our website to get the clearest information about the implant cost as soon as possible, and you can contact our consultation unit via our contact tab.

Dentist Özgür Yıldırım offers treatment and solutions to both local and global patients with all dentistry treatments and applications, especially all on 4 implant treatment, in his oral and dental health clinic located in Antalya, Turkey's tourism paradise. Thanks to the high percentage of success rate, sustainable treatment results, comfortable and satisfaction-oriented solutions and attractive price advantages we have achieved in the dental treatments offered in our clinic, we are hosting many national and international patients today.

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Is It Painful While Inserting All-On-4 Implants?

The All – on – 4 implant technique is based on a very comfortable procedure for the patient. Because the treatment is applied with the help of local anesthesia. In this way, there is no aches and pains for the patients. Mild pain is normal following the treatment. These pains are relieved by the use of painkillers prescribed by the dentist.

How Should Dental Care Be Taken After All-On-4 Implants?

After the all – on – 4 implant technique applied for the treatment of tooth deficiency, the drugs prescribed by the dentist should be used as recommended, hot foods should not be consumed for a while, especially hard foods should be avoided. Finally, attention should be paid to dentist recommendations regarding dental care.

What is the Success Rate of All-On-4 Implants?

Clinical studies and evaluations on the All-on-4 technique show that the technique has an extremely high success rate of 98%. Regular care, dentist control and maintaining oral hygiene in order to protect oral and dental health are the factors that directly affect the success of the technique.

How Long Do All-On-4 Implants Last?

Implants applied with the All - on - 4 technique can be used for a very long time, such as 10-15 years, although it varies according to the care and maintenance routines for oral and dental health.