Composite Veneers in Turkey

Composite Veneers in Turkey


Genetic and environmental factors can cause shape and discoloration of teeth. However, not giving the necessary importance to oral and dental health and not paying attention to regular oral care may also cause deterioration in the structure, color and form of the teeth. Dental veneer, which is applied for the treatment of aesthetic and functional deterioration in the teeth, is a dentistry application that is applied in order to give the teeth an aesthetic appearance and not to lose their functional properties.

Dental veneers are an easy-to-apply and practical procedure. Dental veneers, which are a successful procedure in terms of results, are among the most frequently applied procedures among today's dentistry applications. You can apply to our dental health center in Antalya, which is a tourism paradise with its social, cultural and historical texture on the south coast of Turkey, and you can benefit from the professional services we provide to our national and international patients.

What Is The Dental Veneer?

Dental veneers are thin-structured, tooth-colored protections designed specifically for the patient, which are applied with the help of different materials and materials in order to improve the appearance of the teeth aesthetically and to regain the lost functions. Dental veneers applied to the front surfaces of the teeth give successful and effective results if applied by a successful dentist. In order to find answers to your questions about our composite veneer treatment, you can visit our website and contact our counseling unit by using the communication tools.

Tooth color may deteriorate over time. Likewise, problems such as abrasion of tooth enamel or cracking of teeth may occur. In such cases or problems such as irregular tooth alignment or spacing, dental veneer application is applied. Dental veneer, which is a process for the front surfaces of the teeth, is produced from porcelain or composite in the color of natural teeth and has an extremely thin structure. Veneers, which ensure that aesthetic expectations are fully met, are very popular among cosmetic dentistry applications.

Dental veneers provide not only aesthetic advantages, but also protect oral and dental health. For this reason, it is among the applications of both aesthetic dentistry and preventive dentistry. You can visit our website for dental veneers that help meet aesthetic expectations without the need for extensive and lengthy dental procedures, and you can contact our support unit by using the tools on the contact tab.

What Are The Types Of Veneer Teeth?

There are many types of veneers applied for the dental veneer process. The dentist decides on the most appropriate type of veneer, provided that it meets the patient's expectations. The main types of veneers used in dental veneer treatment are:


Porcelain is the most common type of veneer used in veneer dental treatment. Thin and translucent porcelain gives the tooth a more natural appearance. Porcelain, which is a long-lasting material, is suitable for long-term use. Although it varies according to the attention and care shown by the person, porcelain veneers can generally be used for ten year


Composite veneers are produced with the help of resin-based composite material. Although it depends on the careful and careful use of the person, it can generally be used for five years or more. In order to achieve the expected success from composite veneers, which give an appearance very close to the natural tooth appearance and fully meet the aesthetic expectations, it will be the right approach to apply to a successful dentist and get help from a professional dental clinic.

Why Is Veneer Dental Treatment Performed?

Conditions that require veneer treatment are enamel wear, wear and tear on teeth, genetic factors, irregular teeth, color changes in teeth, etc. As listed below, getting help from an experienced and competent dentist and applying to a professional and qualified dental health center in cases that require veneer treatment will be the best approach. The main situations that require dental veneers are:

  • Enamel wear,

  • Wear and tear,

  • Genetic gaps,

  • Irregular teeth,

  • Tooth color changes.

How Is Tooth Veneer Made?

Although the dental veneer varies according to the type of veneer to be used in the process and the number of teeth to be treated, it is usually completed in 1-2 sessions. In rare cases, the process may take longer. The dental veneer process begins with the determination of the type of veneer to be applied to the patient. The type of veneer is determined by the dentist as a result of the examinations, taking into account the patient's complaints, demands and needs.

  • In the first stage, the measurements of the tooth to be covered with composite veneer are taken.
  • The measurements are sent to the laboratory for the preparation of the veneer to be applied to the patient.
  • The veneer is produced in specified colors and sizes.
  • Before the veneers are attached to the teeth, a detailed cleaning is done on the teeth. Old fillings and caries are cleaned in order to avoid negative conditions such as pain, ache and infection.
  • Just before the veneers are attached, a rehearsal is done to obtain complete results in terms of dental comfort.
  • In order to apply the veneers in a healthy way and to achieve successful results, the tooth is grinded about half a millimeter from the enamel layer on the front surface of the tooth. In rare cases, only anterior grinding may not be sufficient. In such a case, some filing is done on the sides of the teeth along with the front face. Since local anesthesia will be applied during these procedures, there will be no pain or ache.
  • Special adhesives are applied to the tooth surface where the veneer will be applied. With the help of special adhesives, laser beams are applied on the applied veneers and hardening and permanence are ensured.

Composite Veneer Prices

Composite veneer prices vary according to factors such as the professionalism and experience of the dentist who will perform the procedure, dental clinic conditions and standards, the preferred veneer tooth material, and whether the patient needs a different treatment. In this regard, it would be misleading to talk about a net amount of dental veneer prices. You can contact our support unit to get the clearest information about composite vener prices in Turkey.

When Europe and Turkey are compared in veneer treatment, Turkey's high percentage of treatment success and reasonable price advantages are among the main reasons why many international patients prefer Turkey. Our clinic in Turkey offers a comfortable, practical and successful treatment for composite dental veneers for a very reasonable budget. Like many international patients, you can choose our clinic and experience an experience above the usual standards.

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