Jaw Joint Diseases

I cannot open my mouth, and pain occurs when I try to open it? What should I do?

If you have difficulty opening your mouth or if it causes pain while opening, you should be suspected of jaw joint disorders. In these cases, avoid opening your mouth by force and consult with a dentist trained in jaw joint diseases for diagnosis.

My jaw pops when I yawn or open my mouth? What should I do?
When the mouth opening is excessive, it creates difficulty in closing by coming out of the socket of the jaw joint. In cases that are frequent and do not cause pain, it is necessary to pay attention to the mouth opening not to be too much. In sudden and painful situations, it is essential to see the relevant dentist as soon as possible and get help. It is essential to be careful as trying to close your mouth by force may cause various damages in the joint.

How do I know if I'm clenching or grinding my teeth? Does it have anything to do with my problem with my jaw joint or muscles?
Teeth grinding is a discomfort that causes various problems in the chewing system, which is not noticed for a long time since it does not cause a sound. If you feel discomfort in the form of fatigue on your face in the morning, feeling in the form of pressure in your teeth, and complaints such as a slight difficulty in opening the mouth, it is useful to consult your dentist.
It may be related to the jaw joint or chewing muscles as well as triggering some headaches.

While eating, I hear ticking sounds in my joints. What is the reason?
The sounds coming from the jaw joint may be caused by the elongation of the ligaments that hold the cartilage (disc) in the joint, or due to the degeneration of the jaw joint bone. This finding, which has many reasons, should be defined after the examination by a dentist trained in the jaw joint and if necessary it is useful to start treatment as soon as possible.

What are the characteristics of jaw joint pain?
Pain caused by jaw joint discomfort can be severe or insidious. Paying attention to every pain that occurs in front of the ear during jaw function is beneficial for the early diagnosis as well as for the treatment.

* Article is taken from TDB (Turkish Dental Association).