Why Do Black Spots Appear On Teeth and How to Remove Them?

Black spots on teeth may occur for various reasons. The tooth structure of each individual is different. While the natural color of the teeth is close to white in some individuals, it is not completely white in others. While care must be taken for teeth to protect oral and dental health, correct eating habits and care are among the things that should be taken into consideration in this regard. 

Teeth may change color over time for many reasons. Spots on teeth can occur for many reasons, such as eating habits, excessive coffee and tea consumption, and smoking. In addition, genetic factors should not be ignored. In this context, the main factors that cause black spots on the teeth are as follows;

  • Rotten teeth,

  • Gaps in teeth,

  • Dental injuries,

  • Dental tartar,

  • Consuming nicotine products, tobacco products or foods and drinks containing caffeine,

  • Excessive use of fluoride,

  • Various diseases such as celiac.

Causes of Black Spots on Teeth

There may be many reasons behind black spots on teeth. However, the most common situation is wrong eating and drinking habits. Due to advancing age, spots may appear on the teeth over time. Genetic factors also have a significant impact on teeth.

Dental history, treatments applied, and the effects of medications used may cause black spots on the teeth. In addition to wrong eating habits, excessive tea and coffee consumption, cigarette and alcohol use, tobacco chewing habits, and frequent consumption of acidic foods can also trigger conditions such as tooth deterioration, color change, and black spot formation.

It is also possible for black spots or color changes on the teeth to occur depending on age. While it is possible to take some precautions before such a problem begins to occur in a person, getting advice from a dentist when a problem occurs allows a healthy intervention to be made. 

Trying to remove spots in various ways may cause damage to the teeth and may also lead to the emergence of different dental problems. These issues should be taken into consideration and an opinion should be obtained from a dentist. 

In order to maintain one's oral and dental health, regular visits to the dentist once or twice a year and general check-ups are the key to a healthy life. For this reason, every individual should not neglect to have a check-up with the dentist once or twice a year. 

In this way, it becomes possible to take precautions before problems occur and to have healthy teeth for life by applying protective and preventive measures. It should not be forgotten that digestion begins in the mouth and attention should be paid to oral and dental health.


Causes of Black Spots on Adults' Teeth

Causes of Black Spots on Children's Teeth

Tartar buildup

Melanodontia, beltrami romieu disease

Caries formation

In addition to the diseases mentioned above, factors that can cause black spots on the teeth of adults can also cause black spots on the teeth of children.

Tea, coffee, red fruits, red wine, licorice, curry, ketchup, soy sauce


Foods and medications containing iron


Porous enamel structure


Necrosis and black spots resulting from various traumas


Antibiotics such as tetracycline


Excessive consumption of fluoridated foods and pastes


Chlorhexidine mouthwashes


Genetic factors



How to Prevent the Formation of Black Spots on Teeth?

In order to prevent black spots on the teeth, it would be appropriate to first pay attention to consumption habits. When a person has wrong eating habits, it is inevitable for teeth to deteriorate over time. Frequent consumption of acidic foods and constant drinking of tea and coffee cause discoloration of the teeth over time. 

It is very important to get advice from a dentist in case of color changes and spots on the teeth during the intervention process. Interventions to remove spots on teeth without the supervision of a doctor may cause further damage to the teeth and may also lead to different dental problems. 

It is useful to know what the protective and preventive measures are before the treatment process for spots on the teeth. For this reason, it is necessary to first review the eating habits and acquire a correct eating habit. 

It is also important to limit cigarette, alcohol, tea and coffee consumption and to have regular oral and dental care. Brushing your teeth with the correct methods and a suitable toothbrush during the day is also important for protecting oral and dental health. 

Beverages and foods containing artificial colorants can also cause discoloration of teeth over time. It should not be forgotten that caution should be exercised when consuming these foods. Drinks containing acid and sediment can also cause discoloration of teeth over time. 

Staying away from acidic drinks and excessive sugar consumption is one of the things that should be taken into consideration not only for dental health but also for color changes in the teeth. Beverages such as coffee and tea are among those consumed by everyone. 

Excessive coffee and tea consumption causes teeth to deteriorate and discolour in the long run. For this reason, beverages such as tea and coffee should not be consumed frequently, and care should be taken to clean the mouth after consumption. It would be appropriate to rinse the mouth with plenty of water for this procedure. 

While rinsing your mouth with water after consuming beverages such as tea and coffee helps reduce these effects, it is also important to brush your teeth certain times during the day. Residues that may form on the teeth, especially after meals, must be removed. 

It is also important to avoid these methods, as the intervention methods that people apply on their own to remove spots from their teeth may damage the teeth. It is always beneficial to get help from a dentist on this matter. Thanks to regular dentist checks, it becomes easier to take precautions before encountering problems. 

Things to Consider in Oral and Dental Health to Prevent Black Teeth Spots

Making changes in lifestyle in order to prevent the formation of black tooth spots is the healthiest approach that can be adopted to prevent the formation of black spots in a sustainable way. However, if a lifestyle that prevents spot formation is not adopted and black spots develop on the teeth, it is necessary to consult a competent and experienced dentist.

After the examination, the treatment plan prepared by the dentist should be strictly adhered to. In addition, some points that can be applied by everyone and provide effective results in preventing spot formation are as follows: 

  • To prevent black tooth spots, oral and dental health must first be protected. Regular brushing of teeth and correct eating habits are important for protecting teeth. 

  • Tooth decay and damage to the teeth can also cause spots on the teeth. Therefore, it is important not to neglect the treatment of decayed teeth and to consult a dentist at regular intervals. Since tooth decay can cause dental infections and tooth loss if left untreated, this intervention must be done in a timely manner.

  • In case of a dental health problem that may occur in a person, the first thing to do is to go to the dentist. After determining what the problem is, it would be appropriate to eliminate the problem with the appropriate treatment method. While it is seen that the caries on the teeth turn into black spots over time, it is appropriate to intervene in the caries first in the treatment of the teeth.

  • Preventing spots that may occur on the teeth before they occur is possible with proper oral and dental care. For this, first of all, regular brushing should be given importance. Tooth brushing also needs to be done with the right methods and appropriate materials. The toothbrush to be used becomes important at this point. Since a toothbrush that is too hard will cause damage to the teeth, it may be appropriate to choose a medium-soft brush.

  • Since each individual's tooth and gum problems will be different, care should be taken to choose a toothbrush according to the dentist's recommendation. It may be appropriate to choose soft brushes for some tooth structures. 

  • When choosing the toothpaste to be used, the doctor's recommendation can be followed. While some toothpastes help whiten teeth, it is appropriate to ensure that they do not contain chemicals.

  • In addition to regular tooth brushing, it is also very important to clean between the teeth with dental floss. Residues left between the teeth can lead to plaque formation over time. Removing these is among the things that should be taken into consideration in a healthy tooth structure.

  • Fractures, damage or decay in teeth also require intervention. Neglecting these problems and not treating them in time may lead to different dental problems and spots in the future.

  • When regulating eating habits, it is also necessary to stay away from acidic drinks and avoid excessive sweet consumption. These types of foods cause negative effects on teeth over time and also deteriorate dental health. In addition, the underlying causes of spots are usually such foods.

  • It is also important to limit tea and coffee consumption and rinse the mouth with water after consumption. Spots on teeth may also occur during alcohol and cigarette consumption. Quitting smoking is very important for both physical and dental health. 

Black spots on the teeth are undesirable in terms of visual aesthetics. It may cause a loss of self-confidence in the person, as well as a feeling of unhappiness and feeling unwell. For this reason, it is very important to remove discoloration or black spots on the teeth and prevent them before they occur. 

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