All On 6 Implants Turkey; Cost, Packages, Procedure

All On 6 Implants Turkey; Cost, Packages, Procedure


What Is All On 6 Implant?

All on 6 implant is a dental treatment that helps teeth to permanently regain their natural smile and chewing ability, aesthetic appearance and function. It is an innovative application for patients who have lost most of their teeth and are not satisfied with their current dentures. 

In the All on 6 implant technique, 6 implants are used while the tooth set in the jaw is placed in strategic positions and at a certain angle. In this method, natural-looking, stable, durable and permanently fixed implants are placed in the jaw to support the functionality expected from natural teeth. With this method, which improves the facial structure, you can achieve your natural smile. 

How Is All On 6 Implant Treatment Done?

After evaluating the general health status of the patient, your dentist will examine the jawbone with radiological and tomographic imaging for All on 6 implant treatment. After the place where the dental implants will be placed is determined, the application is done with local anesthesia. After 6 implants are placed in the jawbone in 1-2 sessions, a temporary prosthesis is attached. A few months are waited for the implants to fuse to the jawbone. All on 6 implant treatment is completed by replacing the temporary prostheses on the fused implants with permanent ones. 

Who Can Benefit From All on 6 Treatment?

Decayed teeth, partial or complete edentulism, congenital dental problems or problems with teeth after an accident; All these reasons can cause deterioration of the bones that support damaged teeth and worsen your dental health. It is a very advantageous treatment for those who are in good general health but need oral and dental care for the following reasons. 

All on 6 treatment:

  •  People who have lost all or part of their natural teeth in their mouth, 
  •  Having a removable prosthesis but experiencing pain because it hits the palate and teeth,
  •  At the same time, since it is a treatment that does not require bone grafting, it is a suitable treatment method for patients with low density in the jawbone.

Dentistry practices are changing and progressing with an approach that targets patient satisfaction and comfort with the development of medical technologies and dental treatments. Implant procedures applied for tooth loss have taken their place among the most frequently used dentistry treatments as a result of this approach. All on 6 implantation is an effective implant technique used to replace the full set of upper or lower teeth.

Thanks to the teeth restored with the All on 6 technique, functional and aesthetic problems due to tooth loss are eliminated. All on six implants, which many national and international patients benefit from, are applied under high quality and quality conditions at Özgür Yıldırım Clinic in Antalya, the tourism paradise located on the south coast of Turkey. Today, our clinic is among the first dental clinics preferred in cases of missing teeth, with its approach centered on patient comfort and satisfaction.

Prostheses applied with the All-on-six technique are much stronger than other prostheses and give healthy results. Studies on the All on 6 technique and long-term follow-up note that this technique has a very high success rate. Therefore, it is the first method that comes to mind in the treatment of missing teeth. It can be used for many years without any problems if periodic checks are made after the treatment and attention is paid to cleaning and maintenance procedures.

With All on 6 dental implant treatment, the implants placed in the jaw adhere to the jawbone over time, fuse and perfectly imitate the natural roots, resulting in a wonderful and natural smile. It also fully responds to the expectations of the patient in terms of aesthetics. It is important to note that the expected success of this treatment can only be achieved by getting treatment from a professional and experienced dentist and a dental clinic with high standards.

Compared to Europe in all on 6 implant treatment, Turkey is quite ideal in terms of both treatment success and price policy. As a matter of fact, today, many international patients prefer Turkey for the application of all on 6 implants for the treatment of missing teeth. If you need all on 6 dental implant treatment due to tooth loss, you can use your choice for comfort, satisfaction and high percentage success, like many of our national and international patients, and visit our dental and oral health center.

How Are All On 6 Implants Made?

The All on 6 implant procedure is an implant technique that is performed in a very short time such as 24 hours and can usually be completed in one day. Although the duration of application varies according to factors such as the general health status of the patient, the form of the mouth and tooth structure, expectations and needs, it is extremely ideal especially for time-limited patients. After the preliminary examination and examination of the patient is completed, the application of all on six implants is started.

By applying local anesthesia to the patient, the dental implants are placed in the jawbone painlessly. Temporary prosthesis can be attached according to the patient's condition during the healing process. After the healing process, patient-specific prostheses are attached. All on six, an extremely practical and easy technique, is applied with an approach that targets patient comfort and satisfaction, and is completed in a short time. You can contact us via our website to have information about the treatment-related issues.

Our oral and dental health center located in Antalya is preferred by many local and global patients thanks to its distinctive features and advantages compared to its alternatives. All on 6 implant surgery,

applied by the experienced and professional dentist Özgür Yıldırım, is meticulously performed under high quality and qualified clinical conditions. You can visit the communication tab of our website and contact our support unit.

The Advantages Of All On 6 Implant Technique

All on 6 dental implant is an effective treatment method that is applied in cases of total tooth loss and in individuals who are at risk of losing all of their teeth in the near future, allowing prosthesis to be made within the same day. Thanks to the all on six implant technique, it is possible to regain the aesthetic and functional properties lost due to missing teeth. Thanks to its personalized prosthesis design, it fully responds to aesthetic expectations.

Providing smile aesthetics and arranging the smile line can be included in the personalized treatment planning. When applying All on 6 dental implants, there is no need for additional procedures, which are usually applied to increase the bone density on the jawbone or at the base of the sinus. In this way, it is a practical and comfortable treatment option. Another important advantage of the application is that there are no problems such as pain or edema after the procedure.

Although it is very rarely observed, there may be mild pain and minimal edema, but this process can be overcome in an extremely comfortable and comfortable way with the periodic use of drugs to be prescribed by the dentist. Another advantage that should be mentioned under the title of advantages of the all on six technique is that it is easy to clean and maintain compared to conventional dental implant applications. In this way, it offers a practical and comfortable use for patients.

In the application of all on six implants, the fact that the prosthesis prepared specifically for the patient is fixed and there is no part that fits on the palate area provides relatively easier use than removable prostheses. However, it should be noted that in order to achieve the desired success and benefit from the all on six implant technique, it is absolutely necessary to consult an experienced dentist and get help from an oral and dental health center with high clinical standards.

Dentist Özgür Yıldırım, in his dental clinic in Antalya, applies dental solutions for many national and international patients, and offers treatments that meet expectations against problems that threaten oral and dental health. All on six implant treatment offered in this direction is applied in our clinic, which has high comfort and hygiene conditions, with unconditional satisfaction and a high percentage of success. You can visit our website and get detailed information about the treatment process.

All On 6 Implant Prices

When it comes to All on 6 implant prices, there is a price variety in Turkey, just like in Europe. The main reason why the prices determined for the treatment are different is that there are many factors that affect the pricing of all six dental implant treatment. For example, factors such as the professionalism and expertise of the dentist who will perform the treatment, the standards of the clinic, the current situation, expectations and needs of the patient directly affect all on 6 implant prices.

For implant treatment, when the success rate and prices of the treatment applied in Europe and the success rate and prices of dental implants treatment in Turkey are compared, it would be the best approach to choose Turkey. As a matter of fact, many people living in different countries today apply to dental clinics in Turkey for the treatment of missing teeth. Located in Antalya, Turkey's tourism paradise, Dentist Özgür Yıldırım's Clinic continues to serve as the number one choice of national and international patients with its success rate and attractive prices in all on six implant treatment.

What Are The Differences Between All On 4 and All On 6?

Tooth loss can cause serious problems in terms of both aesthetics and health. People with tooth loss have difficulty with daily activities such as chewing, talking and laughing. In addition, tooth loss can cause melting of the jawbone, facial depression and an aged appearance. 

There are many methods available today to remove tooth loss. One of them is implant treatment. Implant treatment is the process of placing an artificial root made of titanium instead of the tooth root and placing a prosthetic tooth on it. 

Implant treatment provides the closest appearance and function to natural teeth. In addition, implant treatment maintains the health of the jawbone and offers a long-lasting solution. 

Two of the methods used in implant treatment are All on 6 implant and All on 4 implant treatment. 6 or 4 implants are placed at a certain angle in the lower and upper jaws and fixed prostheses are attached to them. Thus, patients can have healthy and natural-looking teeth in as little as one day. 

The differences between All on 6 Implant and All on 4 implant treatment are as follows:

  •  More implants are used in All on 6 Implant treatment. In this way, the prostheses are better supported and more durable.
  •  In the treatment of All on 6 implants, additional surgical procedures such as sinus lifting or bone insertion are not required. This shortens the treatment time and facilitates the healing process.
  •  In the All on 6 implant treatment, the implants are spread over a wider area. This ensures better distribution of the prosthesis and less pressure. ●    It can be used for life when the patient pays attention to oral care hygiene.
  •  It provides the closest appearance and function to natural teeth.
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How Long Does the All On 6 Treatment Take?

Implant treatment applied with the All on 6 technique is based on a procedure that is usually completed in one day, although it varies for the patient. The application, which is usually completed in 1-2 hours, can also be completed in a different time depending on the patient's specific situation.

Is All On 6 Treatment a Painful Procedure?

It is a matter of curiosity whether there is a feeling of pain or aches in the all on six implant technique. There is no pain or ache in all on 6 implant treatment applied with the help of local anesthesia.

What Should the Care After All On 6 Treatment Be?

Although the dentist expresses what kind of care should be applied after the All on 6 implant procedure, taking into account the current situation of the patient, the routines applied to protect oral and dental health should be continued.

What Should I Pay Attention To After All On 6 Treatment?

Mild pain may be felt on the first day following All on 6 implant treatment. Painkillers to be prescribed by the dentist will help relieve the pain in question. During the recovery period, oral and dental care routines should be continued completely, especially in the first two weeks, ice, painkillers and antibiotics prescribed by the dentist should be used.

How Long Does All On 6 Treatment Last, Does It Need To Be Renewed?

Implant treatment applied with the all-on-six technique offers a very satisfactory service life of 20 years if the patient pays the necessary attention and importance to oral and dental health and does not interrupt the dental check-ups.