Smile Design in Turkey; Cost, Procedure

Smile Design in Turkey; Cost, Procedure


Smile design is aesthetic dentistry applied for an aesthetic and beautiful smile. International patients who want to have a beautiful smile that meets their aesthetic expectations, but are not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth and gums, apply for smile design in Turkey. Smile design draws attention with its high success rate and advantageous prices. Today, many international patients benefit from smile design services in Turkey and have a natural, aesthetic and eye-catching smile.

When mouth and dental problems are mentioned, problems such as toothache, inconsistencies and crowding in tooth alignment, bad breath, tooth decay, gum problems come to mind first. The problems in question have a direct negative impact on both the business and social life of the individual, however, they also cause a lack of self-confidence and avoidance of laughing in public. All these aesthetic-based problems are solved with smile design service in Turkey.

The advancement of medical technology along with the developments in dentistry and medical science has brought many innovations in the field of oral and dental health and enabled effective treatment methods. In this way, tooth and gum problems are solved with much more practical, comfortable and successful applications. Individuals can regain their lost self-confidence thanks to treatments and applications that respond to aesthetic expectations and concerns in tooth and gingival design.

Smile Design Prices in Turkey

The price of smile design in Turkey varies according to the treatment and applications that the patient needs. Because the smile design is planned individually and there are different treatments for each individual. For example, there will be a difference between the fee that an individual who receives pink aesthetic treatment only for problems related to gum problems, and the price that an individual who receives tooth veneer, teeth whitening and pink aesthetic treatments should pay.

There are two main factors that determine smile design prices in Turkey: First, hereditary factors originating from the person's mouth, face and bone structure, and second, the person's expectation after smile design treatment. Therefore, a special treatment planning is made by taking into account the structural characteristics and expectations of the person. For this reason, dentist evaluation is required in order to have clear information about the price of smile design. You can contact our clinic to learn about the cost of treatments and applications for smile design.

Smile Design Cost in Turkey

The cost of smile design in Turkey varies depending on many factors such as special treatment planning, patient's condition, expectations and needs, clinical conditions, dentist experience, etc. However, when the cost of smile design in Turkey is compared with an average European country, it is noteworthy that there is a very serious difference. In addition, it should be noted that dental tourism can be done in Turkey with the cost of smile design in Europe, that is, both smile design and a wonderful holiday experience are possible.

How Much Are Smile Design Prices in Turkey?

Dentistry practices in Turkey attract attention with their success rate and price advantage. For this reason, especially people residing in Europe, "How much are the prices of smile design in Turkey?" seeks an answer to the question. Since the smile design is planned individually, the prices also vary.

However, the average wage to be paid in any European country is close to twice the average wage to be paid in Turkey. Therefore, dental tourism in Turkey is extremely advantageous.

The cost of smile design in Turkey varies depending on the person's need for implant or orthodontics, whether a gum operation will be performed, the type and quality of the veneer to be applied in the veneer treatment, etc. Since there are many factors that directly affect smile design prices, it is not possible to talk about a single pricing for a comprehensive and wide procedure such as smile design. Prices differ per person.

Smile design prices in Turkey become clear with the evaluation of the dentist according to the patient's smile design expectations. For this reason, you can access the communication tab of our website and contact our patient support unit by using the communication tools to get clear information about the cost of smile aesthetics. Our patient support unit will provide the necessary answers to your questions about both the fees and the treatment procedure in Turkey. The main factors affecting smile design prices are:

  • The person's mouth and teeth structure,
  • Oral and dental health of the person,
  • Treatments to be applied within the scope of smile aesthetics,
  • The aesthetic expectations and needs of the person,
  • The quality of the necessary processes and the medical materials to be used,
  • Processing time,
  • Clinical conditions,
  • Dentist experience.

How to Smile Design in Turkey?

Smile design (Hollywood smile) is the elimination of aesthetic concerns with the help of dental practices with an artistic approach. Smile design in Turkey is aesthetic dentistry applied in order to provide the most ideal and natural smile in line with the expectations and demands of the individual. Thanks to the smile design, it is possible to achieve a wonderful smile with visually more beautiful, straight and white teeth. In summary, the main purpose of smile design applied in Turkey is to gain the best smile.

In smile design, many factors such as the person's age, gender, face shape, skin color, lip structure, gingival form, mouth and jaw structure, alignment of teeth, etc. are taken into account, and it is aimed to provide the most beautiful smile by making personalized planning. Thanks to the smile design to be realized in Dentist Özgür Yıldırım's Office in Turkey, you can have a perfect smile by making models and measurements in line with your demands, concerns and expectations.

During the procedures to be applied in line with the smile design planning, state-of-the-art medical devices and systems are used. In this way, calculations related to smile aesthetics are made in the most accurate way and you will have a wonderful smile. Before starting the process, you can apply to our clinic for a smile design, where you will have the opportunity to see the result on the digital environment, and you can experience a perfect smile and a wonderful holiday experience together.

What Treatments and Applications Does Smile Design Include?

Since the smile aesthetic requirements of each individual will differ, the procedures and treatments to be applied will also vary accordingly. The following procedures and treatments can be applied in smile design according to the wishes and needs of the individual. In some cases, only one of these transactions is used, while in other cases, more than one operation may be applied together. The main applications and treatments applied within the scope of smile design can be listed as follows:

  • Gingivectomy intervention for gingival aesthetics,
  • Zirconium
  • Porcelain veneer (crown),
  • Laminate veneer (leaf porcelain),
  • Root canal treatment,
  • Filling treatmenti
  • Gum aesthetics (pink aesthetics),
  • Teeth whitening if the teeth are dark in color,
  • Tooth stone cleaning,
  • Dental implant and prosthetic applications,
  • Braces treatment,
  • Lip, facial area and chin shaping.

How Long Does Smile Design Take?

Since smile design is a specially planned treatment that varies from person to person, it does not have a clear duration. Considering the expectations and needs of the person, the treatments and procedures to be applied in order to achieve the most perfect smile are planned to be completed as soon as possible. Since the duration of the smile design differs according to the treatments and procedures to be applied and is determined for the individual, it is not possible to give an exact time. For clear information about the duration and procedure, you can get information from our patient support unit.

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