Taste the fruits grown in the fertile lands of Antalya, the foods shaped by the culture of the city, and the dessers that will cool you on hot Antalya days!


Orange is one of the most important agricultural products of Antalya and one of the natural symbols of the region. Approximately 23% of orange production in Türkiye is made in Antalya.

Citrus Jam

Jam has an important place in the gastronomy culture of Antalya. Today, since jam making has become an industry, traditional real jam making is also kept alive in Antalya.


You can of course find very fresh and delicious seafood in Antalya, a coastal city! You will find dozens of options in "fine dining", boutique or shabby restaurants and fish houses both on the seashore and in the interior. In addition to the classic seafood, you will also encounter niche flavors that you cannot find in many places!