Smell the orange flowers that surround the city in spring, the calico flowers and the healing air of Antalya caves!


Karain Cave, one of the largest natural caves in Türkiye is 430-450 meters above the sea. During the beginning of human history, the cave has been inhabited by people in the Prehistoric Ages starting from early Palaeolith Age, Middle and Late Paleolithic Ages, Neolithic Age, Chalcolithic Age, Early Bronze Age, and Classical Age. As a natural consequence of this it contains a thick cultural deposit of approximately 11 meters. The archaeological findings obtained from the excavations in the Karain Cave are exhibited in the Antalya Museum and the Karain Museum located near the cave.


Dim Cave is 232 meters above sea level. Opened in 1998, the cave is the second largest cave in Türkiye opened to visitors. It is estimated to be one million years old. One of the branches of the cave which runs through the mountain from two separate branches, is 50 meters and the other is 360 meters. There is a small lake at the bottom of the cave, which consists of stalactites and stalagmites. The atmosphere inside the cave which is accessed by stairs, looks like fantastic movie decorations.


Damlataş Cave is famous for its enchanting beauty as well as its recovering air for asthma patients. The air of the cave does not change in summer and winter.

Orange Blossom

Orange is one of the most important agricultural products of Antalya and one of the natural symbols in the region. Every year, usually in April, orange trees bloom and all over Antalya is filled with this unique scent. In fact, the smell of orange blossom fills your lungs even while walking in the city center.