Dosemealti Dental Clinic


Our dental clinic, which provides oral and dental health services as Dosemealti dental clinic, offers dentistry solutions focused on unconditional satisfaction with its advanced technology equipment, high hygiene standard, expert staff, and dentist. It provides diagnosis, treatment, and consultancy services for individuals who want to receive qualified and comprehensive treatment for oral and dental health problems, especially in Dosemealti and other districts of Antalya.

Individuals should consult a dentist at periodic intervals, not only when it comes to oral and dental health problems but also as a requirement of being a conscious individual, even if there is no disease. It is a question of how often to go to the dentist. It is ideal to have a dental examination every six months for individuals who do not have serious tooth and gum problems. However, if there are tooth and gum problems, dentist control will be required at much more frequent periods.

You can visit our clinic, which responds to your need for an underfloor dentist, in order to receive a qualified treatment service in order to protect oral and dental health, which significantly affects body health and directly affects not only physical health but also mental health due to the negative emotions and thoughts it creates in the person, and to eliminate existing problems. However, by accessing our website, you can communicate through the communication tab and get information about dental treatments and solutions.

Dosemealti Dentist

Dosemealti dentist performs the profession of dentistry, conducts diagnosis and treatment services on the oral cavity and surrounding tissues consisting of the mouth, teeth, and lips. Serving in the Döşemealtı dental clinic, the Döşemealtı dentist performs the services of protecting the health of the teeth, gums, and directly related mouth and jaw tissues, diagnosing and treating diseases and irregularities, rehabilitating them, and providing consultancy in this context.

Our clinic, which provides services in the Dosemealti dental clinic, provides services in dentistry treatments and solutions, especially root canal treatment, tooth whitening, composite bonding, aesthetic smile design, removable prostheses, zirconium coatings, porcelain laminate veneers, and implant treatment. It provides oral and dental health services at international standards and uses new technology opportunities. To communicate with us, you can visit the contact tab of our website.

Working as a dentist in Dosemealti, DT. Özgür YILDIRIM offers dentistry solutions for diseases, problems, nutritional problems, and aesthetic concerns that threaten dental, gingival, and oral health. For treatments that require a dentist, you can apply to our clinic, which serves as the Dosemealti dental oral and dental health center and benefit from the successful applications and treatment services provided by us. Our main service areas:

⇒ Root Canal Treatment | 1 –7 days of treatment

⇒ Teeth Bleaching | One-day treatment time

⇒ Composite Bonding | One-day treatment time

⇒ Aesthetic Smile Design | 3 – 4 days of treatment

⇒ Removable Prostheses | Seven days treatment time

⇒ Zirconium Veneers | Seven days treatment time

⇒ Porcelain Laminate Veneers | Seven days treatment time

⇒ Implant Treatment | Get information about the duration of treatment.

Dosemealti Oral And Dental Health Center

Our Dosemealti oral and dental health center provides diagnosis, treatment, control, and consultancy services in order to protect the oral, dental, and gingival health of individuals. It performs dental practices such as the treatment of dental caries and removal of cavities caused by dental caries in a way that meets aesthetic expectations, tooth extraction, pain problems, prosthetic applications, and implant solutions at high standards and optimum conditions, adhering to the principle of unconditional satisfaction.

In the case of oral and dental health problems that directly affect physical and mental health and that can lead to serious health problems if not treated on time, it is necessary to seek expert help immediately. You can contact our clinic, which fully responds to the needs of the Döşemealtı dental clinic, and get detailed information about the service you desire. In addition to the oral and dental health problems you experience, you can contact us and experience the privilege of friendly and qualified service to meet your aesthetic expectations regarding your oral and dental form or to get guidance in order to protect your oral and dental health.