Full Mouth Dental Implants Package in Turkey

Full Mouth Dental Implants Package in Turkey


The absence of any teeth in an individual's mouth is called "complete toothlessness". Although there are several different treatment methods that fully edentulous individuals can apply, the most successful treatment method among them is implant application. The number of fully edentulous individuals visiting Turkey for implant application is quite high due to many advantages such as achieving a very high percentage of success thanks to the whole mouth implant package, and completing the application in an extremely comfortable and practical way in Turkey.

A completely edentulous individual would like to have a fixed prosthetic tooth that looks just like natural teeth and does not have any deficiencies in terms of functionality. This desire of individuals who have no teeth in their mouths is fully met in Turkey thanks to the full mouth implant package. The successful completion of the implant fixed prosthesis option applied to fully edentulous individuals depends on the fact that the tooth extraction does not take too long and the bone tissue of the lower and upper jawbones has not been severely eroded.

Another factor affecting the success of implant treatment is that the cheek and lip support of the person is protecting himself. Because the loss of function of the cheek and lip support directly affects the success of the implant application. In edentulous cases, the number of implants to be placed in the jawbone is determined by the dentist's examination of the patient. Taking advantage of the full mouth implant package in Turkey for these implants that act as real teeth will be the right approach for individuals who want a successful treatment.

In cases where there is total edentulism or the existing teeth need to be extracted for various reasons, implant treatment is applied to eliminate complete edentulism. These cases are treated by applying fixed or removable implant-supported prosthesis applications. Individuals suffering from total edentulism can visit the website of our clinic, which offers the full mouth implant package application in Turkey with a high success rate, and get information about the procedure, treatment and pricing by using the communication tools.

Why Turkey For Full Mouth Dental Implants?

The full mouth implant package is the most effective dental practice in total edentulousness. Since it has a very serious success in the international arena in the application of full mouth implant packages in Turkey, it is frequently preferred by international patients today. This success, “Why Turkey for all mouth dental implants?” In a way, it is the answer to the question. Because, considering the lack and inadequacy of dental practices and treatment options for edentulous cases in other countries, it is clear that Turkey is the most ideal location for a completely edentulous individual.

Our clinic, which applies a whole mouth implant package in Turkey, provides services beyond the usual standards, on the principle of unconditional satisfaction and a high percentage of success. Our clinic, which prioritizes patient satisfaction and comfort, offers a comfortable and successful experience in all oral dental implant treatment with advanced technology medical materials, and equipment accompanying high hygiene standards. You can visit the contact tab of our website and get information about our clinical conditions, staff and comfortable facilities in Turkey.

The Benefits Of Full Mouth Dental Implants

The ideal scenario for individuals who have lost all their natural teeth is to receive full mouth dental implants treatment from a successful dentist who has experience in the implant method. In the Dt. Özgür Yıldırım dental clinic, an error-free diagnosis and treatment plan is made and full mouth dental implants are applied to cases that lose all their natural teeth. Thanks to the technique applied, patients are provided with many important advantages in terms of functional, aesthetic comfort in social life and bone resorption. The main benefits of full mouth dental implant application are:


Implants are placed in the jawbone while maintaining the integrity, height, and volume of the bone, thus significantly reducing the risk of bone loss.


Bone loss is increased in all cases of long-term tooth deficiency. Increased bone loss causes the lower part of the face to wrinkle and looks older. However, as stated, the implant technique applied in all missing teeth prevents bone loss and preserves bone volume and height. In this way, it helps to provide the necessary fullness in the cheek and lip area and to improve the face form.


A complete lack of teeth causes various problems with speech function, such as lisp, whistling, decreased speech quality, and difficulty speaking. The difficulties and problems experienced by individuals who have complete edentulism, which is corrected with the implant technique, are also eliminated.


The chewing function, which is severely affected by the complete lack of teeth, is regained.


The patient gains practicality, convenience, and comfort at many points, thanks to the elimination of the complete tooth deficiency by applying the implant technique. Because routines such as daily removal and maintenance of dentures are eliminated. There is no problem while eating and talking.


The implant technique is a permanent restoration. It is suitable for long-term use if necessary care and attention is paid to oral and dental health.


Complete tooth deficiency has negative effects not only in terms of oral and dental health, but also in many points, especially in the mental health of the individual, the quality of the relationships he establishes with his social environment, and self-confidence. The problem of complete edentulism, which is eliminated with the implant technique, also provides the elimination of the said negative effects.

Full Mouth Dental Implants Prices In Turkey

Whole mouth implant package prices vary in Turkey. There are many factors that cause the pricing to differ. For example, many factors directly affect the prices of all mouth implants in Turkey, especially the professionalism and experience of the clinic that will perform the treatment, the characteristics of the concrete case, the external techniques to be applied for treatment and dental treatments. High success compared to alternative options – you can apply to our clinic for a reasonable price and request fee information via our support line.

Another factor affecting the dental implant package prices in Turkey is the implant brand to be used in the treatment. The cost of full mouth dental implants, which is clarified by the examination of the case by the dentist, varies depending on many factors such as the dentist's experience, competence, and number of missing teeth in the case. The conditions of the clinic where the treatment will be performed are also among the factors affecting the pricing. Based on all these, the factors that directly affect the cost of dental implants in Turkey can be listed as follows:

  • The implant brand to be used,
  • Dentist experience, professionalism,
  • The mouth, teeth, and jaw condition of the case,
  • The number of implants to be used,
  • Dental clinic conditions.

Full Mouth Dental Implants Package In Antalya

Our clinic, which applies a whole mouth implant package in Antalya, listens carefully and carefully to all patients who apply for treatment, and makes optimum treatment planning for the case, taking into account their expectations, concerns, needs, and demands. Our clinic, which offers highly professional solutions compared to conventional dental clinics, fully answers all the requirements for a successful treatment with its advanced technology imaging and medical supplies, materials, and equipment inventory.

Individuals who wish to be treated by using the dental implant technique in Turkey and to eliminate the problem of total edentulism with this treatment can apply to our clinic and experience our highly successful treatment option in implant technique. Our clinic, which prioritizes patient satisfaction, offers successful, comfortable, and professional dentistry solutions. When it comes to the full mouth implant package in Antalya, our oral and dental health center in Antalya, which responds to the clinical needs, is the first choice thanks to its successful treatment and reasonable pricing policy.

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