Hollywood Smile in Turkey


The Hollywood Smile is a holistic view of brilliant white, beautifully aligned, gap-free teeth with unique styles following several personalized dental procedures. It was named "Hollywood Smile" thanks to the fact that it was shown as the most remarkable reason for the beauty and photogenicity of Hollywood stars.

Özgür Yıldırım, who has become a respected dentist with his work in aesthetic dentistry and smile design since 2003, serves in his equipped and technological clinic that meets international standards in Antalya - Turkey.

What is The Hollywood Smile?

The Hollywood Smile is when dentists create a dental design that will meet people's expectations aesthetically and eventually achieve a magnificent smile. This is possible by eliminating the problems that prevent smiling. Dentists plan a person's smile by addressing the typically observed problems such as misalignment, discoloration, and deformity.

Although the Hollywood smile, also called smile design, has aesthetic purposes, a perfect smile also brings physical and mental health.

Hollywood Smile Aesthetic Dentistry Practices in Turkey

Hollywood Smile, in other words, aesthetic smile design is planned depending on the person's face and mouth ratio or facial features. The examination helps the physician in the necessary procedures. Depending on the diagnosis of the dentist, one or more aesthetic dentistry applications may be applied. Hollywood Smile procedures in Turkey can be listed as follows:

Teeth Bleaching/Whitening

It is an application that involves changing the color tone of teeth that have lost their natural color as a result of consuming certain foods and beverages over time. Dentists use gels containing high concentrations of whitening agents during teeth whitening application. They may also resort to radiation therapy to increase the effect. It is one of the most needed treatments in studies on the Hollywood Smile.

Dental Veneers (Porcelain Laminates)

Veneers are used to improve the appearance of discolored, misshapen or crooked, worn and stained teeth. They can make a great improvement in your smile without requiring any action on the structure of your natural teeth. Dental veneers are one of the most important procedures on the way to the Hollywood Smile. A composite or porcelain layer is adhered to the surface of the tooth. Thus, the teeth are given a more regular appearance, no different from natural teeth.

Dental Bonding

It is preferred to repair a decayed, cracked or discolored tooth. It is usually applied to the anterior teeth. It gives more effective results in small areas. The procedure involves bonding the composite material, which has been harmonized with the natural tooth color, to the tooth surface.


The treated tooth is gently filed. Thus, the material will adhere tightly to the area. Then, the composite material is placed on the tooth in a suitable way and hardened with the help of high-intensity light. Finally, the tooth is polished to achieve its natural appearance.

Dental Implants

We recommend our patients to apply dental implants when their natural tooth is damaged beyond recovery. An implant is a material that is placed in the jawbone and acts as a natural root. It allows the patient to be treated both aesthetically and functionally. It also offers both permanent and removable options.

Pink Aesthetics (Gum Aesthetics)

We do gingival aesthetics, which we call pink aesthetics, in order to shape the gums of our patients in case the gums cover the size of the tooth in a way that reduces the size of the teeth. This can often make the person feel uncomfortable while smiling.

Our dentists apply personalized treatment methods in order to obtain effective results. With gum smile treatment and Hollywood Smile, they balance the gum tissue with the shape and size of the tooth. The process is done using laser application.

Zirconium Teeth

Zirconium teeth are often used with implants to replace missing or decayed teeth. Prepared from crystal material, zirconium gives a natural look. With its clear, translucent appearance, it adapts to the natural tooth color.


Prosthetic Teeth

We apply for prosthetic dental treatment in patients with weak jaw and palate structure but missing teeth. We determine which of the fixed or removable prosthesis options will be applied according to the patient's preference. The tooth size taken from the patient is sent to the laboratory so that the prosthetic mold can be created. The prosthesis can be prepared from a variety of materials such as porcelain, acrylic and zirconium.