Smile Design in Antalya

Smile Design in Antalya


In order to protect oral and dental health, oral care includes not only dentistry treatment options used to solve problems such as toothache, bad breath, tooth loss, etc., but also cosmetic dentistry solutions such as aesthetic smile design related to teeth and gums. Aesthetic dentistry solutions are used against problems that reduce the individual's quality of life and living standard, negatively affect social relations and bring about self-confidence problems.

Aesthetic dentistry includes many treatments applied with a multidisciplinary approach. Smile aesthetics is the most popular treatment among these treatments, and it is a set of treatments that individuals frequently apply. Enormous-looking teeth, a more beautiful smile and smile increase the individual's standard of living in many aspects, especially in psychology and social relations. Today, thanks to the development of medical technology and imaging solutions, much more effective and successful results are obtained in smile aesthetics.

What Is Aesthetic Smile Design?

Aesthetic smile design is to give an aesthetic appearance by applying various dental treatments, solutions, and procedures in order to meet the aesthetic expectations of the individual's tooth, lip, and jaw form and position during smiling. In this respect, it is an area that benefits from many disciplines (multidisciplinary) and where personalized treatment planning is made. Considering the individual's needs, demands and concerns, treatment options are determined on a case-by-case basis.

A beautiful smile, an aesthetic smile is the most natural and beautiful make-up of the face. Smile design is an aesthetic dentistry practice used to design an aesthetic smile and a beautiful smile. Aesthetic expectations for teeth and gums are fully met thanks to the development of medical and imaging technologies, and aesthetic problems are eliminated with very comfortable and practical solutions. For information about Antalya smile design applications, you can visit our website and contact us via the contact tab.

How To Make Aesthetic Smile Design?

Antalya smile design is a treatment in which the entire process is planned in advance and the preliminary view to be obtained at the end of the process is shown to the individual by utilizing digital dentistry technologies. Considering the fact that each individual has different expectations and needs, “How to design an aesthetic smile?” It is clear that the question will find a different answer for each individual. Before starting the design period, the individual's decayed teeth and gingival disorders, if any, are removed.

The procedure to be adopted in aesthetic smile design is determined according to the facial line, mouth and jaw form, tooth and gingival structure, gender, age, and aesthetic expectations of the person concerned. Therefore, the procedures to be applied for smile aesthetics vary from person to person.However, the most frequently applied procedures in practice can be listed as teeth whitening, gingivectomy, dental implants, prosthesis applications, porcelain laminate, zirconium veneer, and orthodontic applications.

A successful smile design is possible by listening carefully to the demands and aesthetic expectations of the individual and determining what he needs and what kind of procedure should be applied. After the patient-physician meeting, measurements are taken from the mouth of the person concerned and modeling is done and the treatment procedure is shaped through the models.

After the process is completed, the patient is shown with the help of imaging and computer technologies, and his thoughts about the latest situation are taken.

After the procedure to be applied is determined and approved, the procedures are started in the order deemed appropriate by the dentist. In this process, many treatments, procedures, applications, and dentistry solutions can be applied. Since achieving the expected success at the end of the process is directly related to the competence and experience of the clinic applied for aesthetic smile design in Antalya, being careful and attentive in the selection of the clinic will be the best approach for the positive course of the process and the successful completion of the process.

Digital Smile Design

Each individual's facial line, form, and structure are different. While applying the Antalya smile design, individual-specific solutions are applied due to this difference. Digital smile design, which significantly increases the success of aesthetic dentistry, is the field of dentistry that offers a regular smile design by making use of imaging and computer technologies. It makes it possible to implement the design determined for the individual with a high success rate by making use of digital solutions.

Antalya Smile Design Prices

The wide price scale encountered when it comes to aesthetic smile design prices is due to the fact that the procedures and treatments to be applied to the individual within the scope of smile aesthetics are not fixed. Because the treatments and procedures to be applied in the smile design of each individual are different. Therefore, it is not possible to make a clear price upfront about the smile prices. For detailed information about aesthetic smile design fees, you can contact us via the contact tab of our website.

After listening to the demands and sensitivities of the individual who wants to benefit from the Antalya smile design, treatment planning is made by the dentist. Treatment planning should be of a quality that will meet the aesthetic concerns of the person concerned and fully respond to their expectations. It is determined what kind of process will be followed, and which treatments, methods, and solutions will be applied. However, after all these evaluations, the price of smile aesthetics is determined.

Aesthetic Smile Design Scales

Aesthetic smile design is a multidisciplinary approach applied to respond to aesthetic expectations by combining dental treatment methods with an artistic approach. Aesthetic smile design provides both the elimination of diseases that threaten oral and dental health and the complete response to the individual's aesthetic concerns. Advances in medical technology allow the development of aesthetic and restorative materials, thereby successfully eliminating any shapes, form, color, and position disorders.

Horizontal Symmetry

Horizontal symmetry is when a linear line is drawn through the middle of both pupils of the individual, and the linear line is tangent to the sharp ends of the canines.

Vertical Symmetry

Vertical symmetry is when a linear line is drawn through the middle of the individual's face, the linear line passes through the middle of the eyes, nose, jaw, and front teeth.

Smile Line

The smile line expresses that when a curve is drawn through the cutting edges of the upper teeth, this curve is compatible with the lower lip at the time of smile.

Smile Width

Smile width is the appearance of all front teeth up to the first molars when the individual smiles.

Gum Line

The gum line refers to the appearance of only triangular pink spots between the teeth when a curve is drawn over the individual's upper teeth, that is, from the beginning of the gum.

Golden Ratio

The golden ratio refers to the ratio that is accepted as the perfect ratio in geometry and used to provide a complete symmetry in aesthetic smile design. According to the golden ratio, the anterior incisors are 1.618 times larger than the lateral incisors. There is a similar size relationship between lateral incisors and canines and between canines and premolars.

The ratio of Tooth Itself

The ratio of the tooth itself refers to the ratio of tooth length to width. Accordingly, the ideal tooth ratio is 10/8. So if a tooth is 10 units long, its width must be 8 units.


The reliefs are the "V"-shaped indentations between successive teeth.

The most ideal smile form is obtained by using Antalya aesthetic smile design scales. If there are caries etc. problems that threaten the oral and dental health of the individual, these are eliminated first. There may be caries in a single tooth or in many teeth. Thanks to the smile design applied after these problems are resolved, many problems such as negative mood, lack of self-confidence, avoidance of laughing, etc. caused by the appearance that does not respond to aesthetic expectations, are eliminated and a significant increase in the quality of life of the individual is achieved.

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What is Smile Design and What Does It Do?

Smile design is one of the aesthetic dentistry treatments that is applied in order to make the teeth and gum differences aesthetically deteriorated by the effect of various factors, by taking into account the individual's needs and face shape, to have an appearance that meets the natural and aesthetic expectations.

What Factors Are Considered While Making Smile Design?

While designing the smile design, the facial features of the individual, eye, ear, nose, chin tip, etc. are taken into account. It is aimed to provide a natural and dynamic harmony between the smile to be obtained as a result of the design and the facial structure of the individual.

Is There an Age Limit for Smile Design?

The smile design, also known as the Hollywood smile in practice, can be applied to anyone over the age of 18.

How to Care After Smile Design?

Complying with oral, dental and gingival care routines, taking care of oral and dental health, and going to dentist checks at regular intervals are the most ideal care procedures after smile design. By adhering to this procedure, you can increase the lifetime of the smile design.

What Should Those Who Want to Have a Smile Design Consider?

People who are considering applying for smile design should first clarify their needs and expectations, and clearly determine what kind of appearance they want to achieve as a result of the application. Then, he should get help from the right clinic in order to meet his expectations completely. Because aesthetic dentistry requires expertise and experience. Therefore, obtaining the expected benefit from the treatment depends on the application of the treatment by an experienced dentist.