Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening


White and healthy teeth are extremely important in terms of meeting aesthetic and cosmetic expectations. Tooth bleaching solutions, which are applied to have glamorous white teeth, are among the aesthetic dental treatments applied by dentists. Antalya teeth bleaching treatment is the process of removing the colored substances formed in the porous enamel structure on the tooth surface with the whitening gels to be applied in our clinic and giving a white appearance.

Why Do Teeth Lose Their Whiteness?

Teeth experience discoloration and lose their white appearance due to various factors. The loss of whiteness of the teeth is caused by many factors such as structural disorders during the formation of teeth in childhood, antibiotics used in infancy, high fluorine content in the water consumed, and foods and beverages that cause color change such as cigarettes, tea and coffee. The color change in the teeth is examined under two headings as internal coloration and external coloration:

→ Stains that penetrate the tooth and cannot be removed by brushing are called internal discoloration. Teeth bleaching gives successful results in most of the internal discolorations.

→ The color change experienced on the tooth surface as a result of consuming foods with coloring properties such as cigarettes, tea, coffee and cola is called external discoloration. The external discoloration problem is solved by teeth bleaching.

An aesthetic and beautiful tooth appearance is very important for people who care and care about their personal care.The fact that the teeth do not meet the cosmetic expectations in terms of shape and color can cause psychological problems in the person. In addition to the measures taken in the home environment against this problem, which brings many problems, especially lack of self-confidence, taking professional solutions is the most correct decision in order to achieve permanent and successful results.

What Are The Teeth Bleaching Methods?

Teeth bleaching is performed with two different methods, power bleaching and home bleaching.


Power bleaching is a professional method that can be performed in an office environment within an hour, using whitening gel and light, and can lighten the tooth color by three to four shades in a short time. This method is a reliable teeth bleaching method that gives effective results in the shortest time compared to other teeth bleaching methods and has no harm.


In the home bleaching (home bleaching) process, measurements are taken from the person. It is a method that provides whitening of teeth by placing whitening gel on plastic mouthpieces prepared according to the size taken. In the home bleaching method, results are usually obtained in 5 – 7 days. Plastic mouthpieces, on the other hand, should be worn for 5 to 7 hours a day. This time will vary depending on the gel and color used.

Who Can Have Teeth Bleaching?

Teeth bleaching can be applied to anyone who does not have any tooth and gum disease that will interfere with the teeth bleaching process. In order for the teeth bleaching process to give successful results and to avoid any problems, it is important to undergo a dental examination before the procedure. If dental and gingival disorders are detected during the examination, these conditions should be treated before the teeth bleaching process and then the teeth bleaching process should be started.

Does Teeth Bleaching Damage Teeth?

Scientific research on teeth bleaching shows that if the bleaching solution applied for the procedure is not used more than 10%, it does not cause any harm to the teeth. As a matter of fact, there is no research on permanent damage or structural change in teeth as a result of this procedure. In order for the teeth bleaching process not to cause any harm to the teeth, it is extremely important that the process is applied by the dentist and under the supervision of a dentist.

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In Which Situations Is Teeth Whitening Recommended?

Teeth can change color under the influence of environmental and genetic factors. Spotting, yellowing or darkening may occur. In these cases, which cause the teeth to have an aesthetically undesirable appearance, teeth whitening is recommended.

Is Teeth Whitening Process Painful?

Teeth whitening does not cause permanent pain or damage to the teeth. There may be a temporary sensitivity for 1-2 days following the procedure.

What Should Be Considered After Teeth Whitening?

After the application, colored liquids such as tea, coffee, cola, wine and smoking should be avoided for two days.