Teeth Whitening In Turkey

Teeth Whitening In Turkey


Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry treatment applied to restore the old appearance of teeth that have lost their white color over time or due to environmental and genetic factors. Tooth enamel acquires a more porous structure over time. As a result of the intense consumption of tea, coffee, cigarette, etc. dyes, stains and discolorations occur in the pores of the tooth enamel. Teeth whitening is applied to people who are uncomfortable with the appearance caused by this situation.

Although there are many methods used for teeth whitening, the healthiest and most successful method among these methods is the method to be determined by the dentist. Products and devices such as "teeth whitening gel", "teeth staining gel", "teeth whitening tape", which are easily available, do not provide the expected whiteness and also pose a risk in terms of oral and dental health. Therefore, it is the best approach to consult a competent and experienced dentist for teeth whitening.

It is absolutely necessary to apply to the dentist for the teeth whitening process, which does not pose any risk in terms of oral and dental health and provides the desired whiteness by giving successful results. When it comes to teeth whitening in Turkey, Dentist Özgür Yıldırım, who serves many national and international patients at the oral and dental health clinic in Antalya, determines the most ideal and optimum method for the patients who apply to him, and applies it with care and care.

If you want to apply for teeth whitening in Turkey, but have various concerns and cannot find answers to your questions, you can visit the communication tab of our website and reach our support unit by using the communication tools. You can share with our support unit your concerns about being treated in Antalya, the questions you wonder, the transaction procedure and price policy, etc., and you can reach the most comprehensive information in a short time.

How Is Teeth Whitening Made?

Teeth whitening has two different applications: Home teeth whitening and office teeth whitening. In both applications, firstly, the person's intraoral examination is performed. In the examination, it is evaluated whether there is any condition that prevents the teeth whitening application. Then, it is decided which type of bleaching method will be applied. Now, let's take a closer look at home teeth whitening and office teeth whitening methods.

Teeth Whitening Methods

Teeth may lose their whiteness due to environmental and genetic factors. Teeth that move away from the white color create an aesthetically undesirable appearance. Individuals who are uncomfortable with this appearance apply to teeth whitening methods in order to have whiter and brighter teeth.

Teeth whitening methods are divided into two as home type teeth whitening and office type teeth whitening. Let's explain these methods applied in our Antalya oral and dental health center in more detail.


At-home teeth whitening is the most popular teeth whitening method. If home-type teeth whitening is decided as a result of the dentist's examination, first of all, the patient's teeth are measured. Measurements taken from the patient are sent to the laboratory.

Transparent and thin plaques that completely surround the teeth are prepared in the laboratory according to the measurements taken from the patient. The patient sits the plaques prepared for him on his teeth by applying gel in the amount and form recommended by the dentist.

In order not to damage the gums from the whitening gel, the gel overflowing from the plaque should be wiped with a damp cotton ball. It has a waiting time of about five to seven hours. The number of applications is determined by the physician according to the patient's condition. In order to get the maximum benefit from the home bleaching method, the application should be continued at regular intervals. Now, let's explain another teeth whitening method, the office type teeth whitening method.


The whitening method applied by the dentist in the dental clinic is called office type teeth whitening. Office type teeth whitening is a method used by many people because it has a very high success rate. The office-type teeth whitening method performed in clinical conditions is also a cosmetic dentistry application that is applied to eliminate the aesthetically bad appearance caused by discolored teeth and to obtain bright and white teeth.

What Should Be Done Before Teeth Whitening?

Preliminary preparation should be made before teeth whitening. The preliminary preparation process is passed within the scope of the dentist's recommendations and warnings. Before starting the whitening process, the person's oral and dental health is examined and if there are any health problems in the existing teeth and gums, these problems are eliminated first. For example, for individuals with cavities in their teeth, rotten teeth must be treated before proceeding with teeth whitening.

Who Can Have Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a suitable procedure for anyone who has completed their tooth development. It is an ideal application for every individual who does not have any problems in their teeth and gums, who has completed their tooth development and whose general body health is favorable. The person can apply to the dentist about whether he is suitable for the teeth whitening process, and after the general examination to be made by the dentist, it can be easily learned whether there is any inconvenience for the teeth whitening application.

Considerations After Teeth Whitening

The points to be considered after the teeth whitening process are shared with the patient by the Dentist Özgür Yıldırım along with various recommendations and warnings. However, to express the things to be considered in general, they can be listed as follows:

→ Foods containing dyestuffs should not be consumed for two days following the whitening process.

→ It is important to avoid acidic foods and drinks, especially in the first few days after the procedure. Because the acidic foods taken in this process can cause damage to the teeth.

→ In the process after the teeth whitening process, one should act gently while brushing the teeth, and care should be taken not to brush the teeth harshly. Using an extra soft toothbrush would be the best approach.

→ If sensitivity occurs after the procedure, it will be useful to use desensitizing toothpastes.

In addition to these, if there is any point that needs attention regarding the patient, the necessary explanation is made by our dentist and information is given in terms of all negative factors that will affect the patient's comfort.

Teeth Whitening Prices

Teeth whitening prices vary according to many factors such as the condition of the tooth to be treated, tooth structure, additional procedures, the expertise and experience of the dentist, the conditions and standards of the dental clinic. In this regard, it would be misleading to give clear information about teeth whitening prices. You can access the contact tab of our website, and contact our support unit to get the clearest information about teeth whitening prices in a short time.

International patients who want to have teeth whitening in Turkey, "How much is teeth whitening in Turkey?" seeks an answer to the question. The fact that teeth whitening prices are very attractive in Turkey, it is extremely advantageous especially in European countries, and the application of teeth whitening procedures with a high success rate is one of the main reasons why many international patients prefer Turkey and our clinic. Like our international patients, you can make your choice in favor of quality, advantageous prices, comfort, quality, hygiene and successful treatment and experience a privileged experience.

Can Teeth Whitening Be Done At Home?

A permanent and natural whiteness without damaging the teeth can only be achieved by a dentist. Teeth whitening can be done at home, however, upon the approval and recommendation of your dentist, teeth whitening can be done at home by adhering to the procedure determined for you. Otherwise, trying to whiten teeth with the help of cosmetic products can cause difficult problems in oral and dental health, as well as cause serious damage to the aesthetic appearance of the teeth.

Dentist Özgür Yıldırım, who gives teeth whitening treatment to many national and international patients in Turkey, states that it is very inconvenient and risky to try to whiten teeth by getting help from any gel, paint, etc. without the approval of the dentist, and underlines that there may be permanent damage to the teeth. Therefore, in order to get successful and effective results from the teeth whitening process, it is absolutely necessary to seek the help of a dentist.

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